5.6 linux api headers

Randy McMurchy lfs.user at mcmurchy.com
Sat Feb 14 13:44:05 PST 2009

ForrestG wrote these words on 02/14/09 15:11 CST:

> I dont understanding the chapter 5.6 in LFS book 6.4.
> First I dont have any Linux-2.6.27 API Headers tar archive, that a can extract.
> Second if I try "make mrproper" in $LFS/sources make wrote this.
> make: *** No rule to make target `mrproper'.  Stop.

I think this person is simply trying to pull our chains. With a name
of ForrestG and with section 5.6 *clearly* saying that the purpose is
to sanitize the headers in *the Linux kernel source tarball*, I cannot
think this is a serious question.

I suggest we leave it to the OP to figure this out on his own. Though
I've given hints that will probably turn the light on for him/her.

I do think as others have also posted that the word "sanitizing" needs
an explanation.


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