Binutils compilation: mkdir: cannot create directory `/tools': Permission denied

jaredp webonomic at
Thu Feb 12 13:39:48 PST 2009

> Have you created the symbolic link to /tools? See more in:
> 4.2. Creating the $LFS/tools Directory
> And please, top posting is against the netiquette, read more in:
> Also try to trim your replies.
> Regards,
> Ag.

Thanks Randy and Ag.

Randy, I understand the patience thing.  I know how it is to field
questions like this.

I thought I was diligently following the book, but the answer must be
that something was missed section 4.2.

If I need to start over, it shouldn't be too bad.  I took the extra
time to create scripts and back everything up, including an image of
the "fresh" filesystem (using partimage).

And there is no excuse for my top posting as I remember reading it on
the website.  My apologies.

Thank you.

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