Binutils compilation: mkdir: cannot create directory `/tools': Permission denied

Randy McMurchy lfs.user at
Thu Feb 12 13:16:23 PST 2009

jaredp wrote these words on 02/12/09 14:58 CST:
> I appreciate the feedback.
> I didn't mess up the first package.  The book never distinctly says to
> cd into ../binutils-2.18 and run configure
> It's not even implicitly stated.

Nobody said it should, I know I didn't and I know the book

> (when I first did it, I did time { make && make install }
> I re-did everything but ran make and make install separately.
> Make runs ok, but make install has the same errors:
> make[1]: Entering directory `/mnt/lfs/sources/binutils-build'
> /bin/bash ../binutils-2.18/mkinstalldirs /tools /tools
> mkdir -p -- /tools /tools
> mkdir: cannot create directory `/tools': Permission denied
> mkdir: cannot create directory `/tools': Permission denied

I see. You didn't explain yourself very well. First of all, you've
somehow messed up the preliminary steps in creating a /tools symlink
and the appropriate directory. Could be permissions, or whatever,
but bottom line is you didn't follow the book's instructions.

Next, I don't have the skills (or unfortunately, the patience) to
try to figure out what you did wrong, but at this stage since you
haven't even really started yet, you should just start over. And
this time follow the book.

I know I'm stressing the "follow the book" thing, and you probably
think you have, but you haven't. If you had, you wouldn't be having
any problems with permissions. Trust me.

Start over. Undo everything you've done, and start over. That's the
easiest thing to do. And this time follow the book. Verbatim.


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