Binutils compilation: mkdir: cannot create directory `/tools': Permission denied

Randy McMurchy lfs.user at
Thu Feb 12 12:02:37 PST 2009

jaredp wrote these words on 02/12/09 13:48 CST:
> Received a permission error while following the Binutils compilation from ch5:
> The problem seems similar to the thread
> What differed from the book was that the command time { ./configure
> ... && make && make install; }.
> wouldn't work because there was no ./configure script.  So I just did
> the following:
> time { make && make install; }

Well, that's not going to work. I'll disregard all the sudo/su stuff
you say later, as you've screwed up already without even having to
worry about the other stuff.

In binutils you should be in a binutils-build directory and then follow
the book where it says to


You've messed up the first package, hopefully this will be a lesson for
you else you're in for a long, long road.

Just follow the book for now, line by line without deviation. Once you
learn the basics, then go back and try to do SBU calcs and other


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