SCSI support - LFS 6.4

Anthony Price elenmar at
Mon Feb 9 10:14:06 PST 2009

LFS 6.4
Host Ubuntu 8.10

SCSI support

I have an LFS build on a partition on a SCSI disk. The Adapter is SCSI 
SCSI support is enabled in the Kernel

Ubuntu can see the SCSI disk partitions so the disk and / or the adapter 
are supported.
A copy of the installation on a PATA drive boots on another machine, so 
the build is OK.

Adaptec's documentation doesn't tell me much and the binary drivers that 
come with it are intended for RedHat, SuSE, etc.

I downloaded a tgz from the Adaptec site and unpacked it. It contains 
readme files which tell me nothing that applies to my situation.

There is a Makefile, but running make produces an error message:

"make: *** No rule to make target `/aic7xxx_seq.h', needed by 
`/aic7xxx_core.o'.  Stop."

I am out of  my depth here, so any tips or suggestions would be welcome.



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