GCC - chapter 6.14 help with the logs

Luca Di Stefano lc_gyver at hotmail.it
Mon Feb 9 09:40:55 PST 2009

>  "except for some unexpected failures" - the unexpected failures are
> the reason for running the tests!
>  Is this the 6.4 book ?  If it is, I wouldn't worry about
> libmudflap, I always get several failures with gcc-4.3 versions.
>  The important thing is the paragraph which reads
> | A few unexpected failures cannot always be avoided. The GCC
> | developers are usually aware of these issues, but have not resolved
> | them yet. In particular, the libmudflap tests are known be
> | particularly problematic as a result of a bug in GCC
> | (http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=20003). Unless the test
> | results are vastly different from those at the above URL, it is safe
> | to continue. 
>  If you have the FAIL messages, it might be helpful to record them
> here so that later builders can say "oh, yes".  Noting your host
> kernel version and distro, and processor type, might also be
> relevant (although it's usually only glibc which gives different
> results on different results on different cpus).
>  In my case, the only failures I saw on my most recent build of 6.4
> were in libmudflap (5 in pass41-frag.cxx), on a single processor
> athlon64, using a 2.6.28 kernel for the build.
>  You have an extra 4 failures in gcc, and 1 in libstdc++.  My
> rule-of-thumb is that unexpected failures in single figures are
> nothing to worry about.  From experience, thousands of failures
> indicate something seriously wrong.
>  FWIW, I think you have nothing to worry about.
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Thank you for the answer! Yes, the book is the 6.4! I'll try to go on and see what happens then! Thank you again!

Vai oltre le parole, scarica Messenger 2009!

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