How to upgrade a package in a linux distribution?

Alberto Hernando pajaro.go at
Sat Feb 7 22:14:11 PST 2009

> I'm confused. What's LFS for? It help people to known how a linux
>  system works and build a linux system piece by piece, isn't it?
>  Let me express the problem as this:
>  If I build a LFS with package management just like Ubuntu, and I
>  want to upgrade a package witch is relevant to a lot of other packages.
>  How can I do this?
>  Thanks Alberto's reminder.


Well, let's go step by step.

LFS is a way to build your own distro. You don't end up with ubuntu,
gentoo, fedora or alike. Your goal is just to have a LFS.
BUT, you have to start from another working system, which usually
means another distro. In your case, that distro is ubuntu.
Your original question was about ubuntu, not LFS, and that's why I
think it's off-topic here. It might be that you need to upgrade that
package because it's a requirement to build a LFS, according to the
pre-requisits stated in the book. This I don't know, but, again, I
still think that your problem is with ubuntu. The idea behind LFS is
that the user should have a working system and starting there, build
the new system. How the first system (the host) is working, it's up to
the user. That's how I understand it. But, again, your problem is
pretty easy to be solved. Just look in /etc/apt/sources.list and see
what you have. Make a search in ubuntu's repositories to see if they
have the package version you want, and add the source. Then, apt-get
update && apt-get install package-xxx. In short, that's all. Id even
so you didn't undestand how to do it, you'd better learn a bit before
starting the LFS thing. It's not that you can't build (and enjoy) it
without a lot of knowledge. But, from my experience, knowing a bit how
"standar" distros and package management work is quite advisable.
Am I clear?


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