How to upgrade a package in a linux distribution?

petrele.chen petrele.chen at
Sat Feb 7 21:44:47 PST 2009

On Sun, 2009-02-08 at 06:11 +0100, Alberto Hernando wrote:

> This is off-topic in this list. Please, look for info regarding your
> distribution.
> Even so, I'll say that you just have to look for proper sources for
> packages for ubuntu (I mean, /etc/apt/sources.list), then apt-get
> update and then apt-get install new-package-if-available.
> Alberto

I'm confused. What's LFS for? It help people to known how a linux 
system works and build a linux system piece by piece, isn't it?
Let me express the problem as this:
If I build a LFS with package management just like Ubuntu, and I 
want to upgrade a package witch is relevant to a lot of other packages.
How can I do this?
Thanks Alberto's reminder.


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