Reason for Chapter 5

Scott harview at
Wed Feb 4 21:25:31 PST 2009

On Wed, Feb 04, 2009 at 04:11:26PM -0800, Rob Thornton wrote:
> GCC is used to build software. Correct. So, any software you compile on 
> your own system will work just fine. However, you are in essence, 
> compiling software on YOUR system (host) for ANOTHER system (target). 
> When compiling software with the host's gcc, that software will be 
> linked against the host's libraries. This pollutes the toolchain because 
> many of these links are hard-wired and can't be changed. So, when you 
> remove the host and move into the chroot'd environment or try to boot 
> the new system, you will run into all kinds of issues. 

Yes, but the OP asks the interesting question: What if the host system
is, say, lfs 6.1 and you want to build 6.4. Can Chapter 5 be skipped,
and if not, then why not?

scott swanson

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