Udev-137 Clarifications

alupu alupu02 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 11:07:08 PST 2009


i686-pc-linux-gnu, (B)LFS

The installation of udev-137 went very smoothly
and everything is humming along beautifully on
my SATA machine.
Kudos and many thanks to the LFS developers.

LFS had fallen somewhat behind Udev releases,
so at some point, I decided to upgrade revision
by revision on my own (Udev fascinates me).
I was at 136 when I decided to try my hand
at the brand-new LFS procedure in hopes of
resynchronizing myself with the LFS people.
As I said, everything worked just fine.
To eliminate any doubts, I need a few answers
which could help me get back in sync fully
- if needed - with a correct LFS system:

1. I noticed two 64s and one 40 rule were installed
in the "default" /lib/... directory.
My understanding is that the "default" directory is
"generic", i.e. these rules can apply to any
"distribution" (including LFS).
Am I right?

2. OTOH, the 61-cdrom rule was shipped to the "custom"
(i.e. "LFS") directory, /etc/...
Why is 61-cdrom LFS-specific?  Just because of the group

3. I'd very much appreciate if somebody were to (re)publish
a list (ls) of which rule-files should be in the "default"
and "custom" directory respectively, for an up-to-date LFS

-- Alex

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