lfs usergroup presentation and logging aid

Robert C. Hansen rchmath at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 23 18:18:41 PST 2009

I was fortunate to present an overview and commentary on lfs to the St
Louis Linux User Group last week.

The presentation in PDF format is found on the Saint Louis UNIX Users
Group web site. > http://sluug.org/    > resources > presentations >
St. Louis Linux Users Group     ( December 17  2009 )

While building my system ( lfs 6.3  using  livecd  for level/host
compatibility)  and  using the    cmd  2>&1 | tee logfile  tip I decided
to 'beef' up the suggestion.

I developed two execs   logdir  and  rch  to enable me to collect my
command output in a  /mnt/lfs/logfile   directory    These are also
posted on SLUUG site with the presentation.

logdir - used to set the directory for log output   ( invoke by . )
rch  -  a wrapper prefix to command in the lfs build

notes on logdir
  1. DO NOT make logdir executable ( invoke by  . or source )
  2. I used logdir to put packageX output in  /mnt/lfs/logfile/pacakgeX

notes on rch:
  1. this does not work in all cases  ( e.g. stacked cmds)
  2. rch prompts for outfile and comment  also generates info to a
     history file  overall_command_history overall_package_history .
  3. rch are my initial so use your own if you like.
  4. I 'hid' them in /usr/bin  but you could put them in / directory
     and  invoke  /logir  /rch

Enjoy(?) and regards  Robert C. Hansen

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