irq timeout error

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Fri Dec 18 14:16:21 PST 2009

Mykal Funk wrote:
> While running a compile of GCC I got the following error:

Oh, if you have a distro which can use SMART, and your
disc is SMART capable, you can ask it.

# smartctl -i /dev/hda

will tell you whether you have a SMART capable disc, and whether
it be enabled. If your disc is SMART capable, but it is not
enabled, then enable it.

# smartctl --smart=on --offlineauto=on --saveauto=on /dev/hda

If so, then

# smartctl --health /dev/hda

will give you a pass/fail diagnostic message.

# smartctl -a /dev/hda

will give you more information about what may be wrong, if anything.

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