Knoppix is missing the patch command

Dominic Ringuet dringuet at
Thu Dec 17 04:26:31 PST 2009

The information may be outdated (1 year ago), but I managed to build a dev
LFS system from Knoppix 5.1 on a PII with 256mb RAM.

The 3 tricks I remember were:

   1. Use a swap partition, the build failed for obscure reasons without any
   and it was in gcc too if I remember correctly. *1.5gig has been enough over
   here. Knoppix should see and enable it at boot time (swapon).
   2. Build a toolchain texinfo at the start of chapter 5.
   3. Build a toolchain bison before bash in chapter 5.

Here's what I used to compile both bison and texinfo in chap 5

$ ./configure --prefix=/tools
$ make
$ make install

Hoping that helps,

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