Knoppix is missing the patch command

Jan-Christoph Bornschlegel trollfood at
Wed Dec 16 00:53:46 PST 2009

Jonathan Wilkes schrieb:
> I tried googling for any hints, and checking the archives for this list, 
> but I'm new to linux so I'm a bit unsure what I'm searching for.  Any hints 
> would be greatly appreciated.

As far as I know most LiveCDs should have a read-write-overlay
filesystem. Which means the +w part has to be mounted in ramfs (or on disk).

KNOPPIX apparently has one:

Maybe it's just not set up correctly?
Have you tried installing some package?

If it's not supported as-is, you could try setting up aufs combining
ramfs+readonly DVD manually, but I think since you're not the first one
with this problem maybe knoppix has some tools to set it up easily (if
it's not the default setting).


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