Knoppix is missing the patch command

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at
Tue Dec 15 20:54:23 PST 2009

     I'm using the Knoppix live cd v. 6.2 and reading LFS v. 6.5.  I've 
made it all the way to level II.5, and now I'm on pass 2 of GCC (5.10.1) and 
now Knoppix is telling me the "patch" command is not found.

Is there any way to install a package like "patch" when using a live cd?  Or 
some workaround other than installing a distro to my harddrive?  I'm using 
Knoppix because it was suggested on the lfs faq at:

I tried googling for any hints, and checking the archives for this list, 
but I'm new to linux so I'm a bit unsure what I'm searching for.  Any hints 
would be greatly appreciated.



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