LFS version (was blank)

Sean Porterfield linuxfromscratch at sf.porterfield.net
Tue Dec 15 20:16:18 PST 2009

> From: Chris Staub

> Generally, yeah, but about the only reason (that I know of) that anyone 
> would use 6.3 is because it's what's on the most recent livecd, in which 
> case the host would certainly be the same as the book anyway.

I can see why someone might want to do that for ease of following, but I
chose LiveCD 6.3 and book 6.5 figuring the LiveCD would give me a good
starting host environment but still let me have the latest version
available.  This is my second LFS build, though I think I would have
been just as "daring" on my first.  JMHO.

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