Clock Problems

Mykal Funk mykalfunk at
Mon Dec 14 14:07:06 PST 2009

Rod Waldren wrote:
> On 12/12/2009 1:29 PM, Mike McCarty wrote:
>> If I understand his first post, his problem is losing system time while
>> it is up, not batteries. Replacing the battery will not make his
>> system keep better time. If he still loses time while the power supply
>> is turned on, even when running with the hardware clock as the main
>> timing device, the battery isn't going to help.
>> Mike
> I've had a bad battery manifest problems in many ways, not just losing 
> time while powered down.  Most recently I was having random problems and 
> odd instability with a system.  It was rock solid after replacing the 
> battery.  It's wasn't as bad as old Macs which completely lost their 
> minds if the battery was bad, but along similar lines.  If it's bad 
> replace it or temporarily swap in a good one to see it it helps.
I replaced the battery and the behavior didn't change. The time loss 
occurs only under high load. When uptime reports a high load average, 
the system loses time like crazy. When it is just sitting doing nothing 
it keeps perfect time. I don't know what to make of it. Perhaps someone 
else can.

Mykal Funk

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