Clock Problems

Rod Waldren rjwaldren at
Sat Dec 12 15:12:11 PST 2009

On 12/12/2009 1:29 PM, Mike McCarty wrote:
> If I understand his first post, his problem is losing system time while
> it is up, not batteries. Replacing the battery will not make his
> system keep better time. If he still loses time while the power supply
> is turned on, even when running with the hardware clock as the main
> timing device, the battery isn't going to help.
> Mike
I've had a bad battery manifest problems in many ways, not just losing 
time while powered down.  Most recently I was having random problems and 
odd instability with a system.  It was rock solid after replacing the 
battery.  It's wasn't as bad as old Macs which completely lost their 
minds if the battery was bad, but along similar lines.  If it's bad 
replace it or temporarily swap in a good one to see it it helps.

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