Whence CLI XLSX converter?

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 11 11:58:38 PST 2009

William Immendorf wrote:
> The easiest way is to get OpenOffice.org 3.0 or up and open the XSLX
> file and resave it as an ODF file. That's the best way, and you don't
> have to bother with Mono, which is pretty much a Nono:

Thanks very much for the reply, muchly appreciated. However, I _don't_
want to try to install Open Office, I want a stand alone converter.

Failing that, the easiest way is simply to get a friend who has
a Windows machine to import it into her version of Office 2007
and re export as just an XLS. It'll delay things a day or two,
but I've already spent a couple of days trying to find some reasonable
and easy way to do it with Linux.

The fellow I'm dealing with apparently can't figure out why
everyone can't simply read the stuff he generates, so when he
sent me some stuff, I can't read it. I think you know the mindset.

"All the world's Microsoft"

I don't want to go through a build of Open Office just to read
one spreadsheet I've got from one guy one time, and unlikely
to be repeated.

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