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Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Fri Dec 11 01:07:27 PST 2009

Alexander Kozlov wrote:
>>> psmisc 22.8 configured with --prefix=/usr installs killall to
>>> /usr/bin.
>>> No problem to leave it there, as debian does, but I move it to 
>>> /bin to keep my old init scripts unchanged. Anyway, the command 
>>> "ln -sv killall /bin/pidof" in Sec. 6.52 should be corrected.
>> if this is wrong, what should it be?
> for me, it would be
>   	mv -v /usr/bin/killall /bin
>   	ln -sv killall /bin/pidof

ISTM that /sbin makes more sense, since killall is used by some
versions of init (the script). I consider /sbin to be the place
where one puts "must be present for proper boot and shutdown,
but intended to be used only by super user equivalent processes"
programs. I think /bin is for "must be present, but may be used by
ordinary users sometimes". So, I'd use /bin for things like
chown, chmod, cp, kill, and so on, but I'd use /sbin for things
like automount, fsck, fdisk, killall, etc. Then /usr/sbin would
be for "intended for root only" type tools which do not have
to be present before all mounts have taken place, like chroot,
adduser, etc., and /usr/bin for "ordinary users can also use"
which do not always have to be present, even if not all file
systems are mounted, like development tools, archivers (gzip,
zip, bzip, ar) printing interface tools (lpr etc.).

Just my $0.02 worth (or maybe not even that much).

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