plsce for killall

Alexander Kozlov akozlov at
Thu Dec 10 23:59:20 PST 2009

>> psmisc 22.8 configured with --prefix=/usr installs killall to
>> /usr/bin.
>> No problem to leave it there, as debian does, but I move it to 
>> /bin to keep my old init scripts unchanged. Anyway, the command 
>> "ln -sv killall /bin/pidof" in Sec. 6.52 should be corrected.
> if this is wrong, what should it be?

for me, it would be

  	mv -v /usr/bin/killall /bin
  	ln -sv killall /bin/pidof

However, according to LFS 6.5 build logs at

psmisc 22.8 installs binaries to /bin. Then nothing is wrong in the 
book (although I can't try this on my machine now).

Another question, who needs psmisc? Slackware does not use them, 
neither lfs-bootscripts.


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