Ncurses seems to not install 'tabs' command.

akhiezer lfs65 at
Thu Dec 10 09:50:04 PST 2009

20091210103556_-0600: Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at> wrote:
> akhiezer wrote:
> > 20091206125602_-0600: Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at> wrote:
> >> Chris Staub wrote:
> >>
> >>> Actually, it was recently *added* to Ncurses...just not in a stable 
> >>> version yet - it's in the batch of upstream patches. I believe it's my 
> >>> fault - I sent in a ticket report with a list of program updates, 
> >>> including "tabs", which was in the patched version (as I use CLFS 
> >>> myself, and CLFS uses Ncurses' upstream patches) but not in the release 
> >>> version...
> >> Interesting.  I was looking at old ncurses code to find it, but couldn't 
> >> find it...
> >>
> >> In any case, I just commented it out so it will be easy to add back when 
> >> the next version is released.
> > Should it be an erratum for lfs-6.5 book?
> I don't think that a package missing an enhancecment rises to that level.
>    -- Bruce

It's not a matter of the book failing to mention some enhancement 
that's upstream in some later release or patch. To portray it as that, 
is maybe viewing things not from the original issue (book says x is 
installed whereas it isn't) but instead viewing from the ensuing 
discussion (about tabs being in a patch or new version).

Instead, it's a matter of the book saying that an item *is* installed, 
when it *is not* installed. It's a factual error in the book. And I'd 
say that'd normally constitute an erratum (or perhaps more properly a 

Isn't there a post someplace that says such 'Contents of <pkgname>' 
lists are generated automatically; will have a look.



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