Ncurses seems to not install 'tabs' command.

lfs65 at lfs65 at
Sun Dec 6 04:57:36 PST 2009


In the LFS-6.5 book, in the 'Contents of' section on the Chapter-6 
Ncurses page 
it says that a command called 'tabs' is installed as part of Ncurses.

But, I just don't see it anywhere on the completed LFS-6.5 system.

Should a command called 'tabs' be there? Or does it get renamed to 
something else? Or doesn't get installed under some circumstances? Or 
is the book wrong? Or is the book entry using 'tabs' as a shorthand for 
something else? Or what?

I don't really know or track Ncurses closely enough, to know offhand 
what's what here. Had a look at Ncurses source, and tried a (long-ish 
-shot) compile with additional config option '--enable-hard-tabs'; but 
to no avail. I had a brief, skim-look at the Ncurses website & 
elsewhere, but didn't see anything obviously pointing to, say, 'tabs' 
having been renamed, or removed from the package in some recent(-ish) 
version, or anything like that.

((Btw, a short script here showed that all of the 
commands/libraries/files/dirs/&c listed in the book's various 'Contents 
of <pkgname>' sections, were all present OK in the completed LFS-6.5 
system - except for Ncurses' 'tabs'; the script handles ok the 
'non-real' entries, such as 'man pages' in section 
'6.8. Man-pages-3.22' .))



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