glibc error

Doug Downham doug.downham at
Wed Dec 2 10:10:48 PST 2009

Hmm... That's odd, the comma is in the book.  However, removing the 
space as Philippe pointed out made a difference.  However, it's just a 
different error.

I seem to be missing,, and libgcc_s.a.

libgcc.a is there.

New dummy.log attached, but at this point, I suspect I made an error in 
a previous step, and less hair tearing will result from starting over 
than trying to track it down.

Mike McCarty wrote:
> Doug Downham wrote:
>> In section 6.10, using version 6.5 of the LFS book, I've encountered a
>> strange error.
>> When I create dummy.c and run 'cc dummy.c -v -Wl, --verbose &>
>> dummy.log', a.out is not produced.  dummy.log says
> If this is exactly the command, then you need to get the comma out.
> Mike
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