Fail in compiling GCC

Nicolas Richard theonewiththeevillook at
Mon Aug 17 02:52:50 PDT 2009

Amir Khezrian a écrit :
> Hi


> first of all, thank you for your helps. I did all according to the book
> but, during the compilation of  "gcc" i encountered with some errors.
> these are the last lines that are shown during the compilation of gcc :

Did you read them ?

> /usr/bin/install: writing `../../host-i686-pc-linux-gnu/gcc/libgcc.a':
> No space left on device

This is a big hint : the device you're using seems full. The output of
"df" (or "df -i", in some cases) should give you a confirmation.

Make sure the partition you're installing LFS to is big enough. From LFS
6.5 :
<< A minimal system requires a partition of around 1.3 gigabytes (GB).
This is enough to store all the source tarballs and compile the
packages. However, if the LFS system is intended to be the primary Linux
system, additional software will probably be installed which will
require additional space (2-3 GB). >>

Good luck,


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