Vulnerabilities in udev

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Mon Apr 27 10:53:41 PDT 2009

Ken Moffat wrote:


>  There are two vulnerabilities in versions of udev before udev-141.

Thanks very much for the heads up.

> (i.) For all previous versions, netlink messages can be received
> from local users, allowing privilege escalation.  CVE-2009-1185
> (ii.) There is a potential buffer overflow in the util_path_encode
> function - rated as a denial of service.  This function was
> introduced comparatively recently (somewhere between versions 114
> and 124) so it does not apply to older versions.  CVE-2009-1186
>  All users who run udev are recommended to upgrade and reboot.

Why? What I see there shows two vulnerabilities indeed, but perhaps
not for everyone. ISTM that they require a hostile local user, or at
least one with a running local agent. I don't see how my LFS machine
is vulnerable if

	no serial cable is connected
	no network cable is connected
	no PLIP is running or connected
	nobody lives in my house who wants to do my machine mischief

I am not expert, so I perhaps am not able to see how the vulnerabilities
listed affect my machine. Could you be more specific about how the
vulnerabilities are subject to exploit? I'd appreciate that very much.
IOW, I'd like to see something which would allow us to evaluate what
our exposure might be.

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