Mount USB Hard Disc

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Wed Apr 22 09:55:46 PDT 2009

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

Thanks very much for the reply.

> Mike McCarty wrote:
>> Ok, now that my system boots and can basically run, I want to
>> be able to mount USB discs, as I have one. However, it seems
>> not to recognize that. I guess I need to configure at least
>> one more thing into the kernel. Is there anyone here who can
>> tell me what I left out?
> You should have configured the kernel for USB and probably VFAT.

Ok, I have those, but compiled as modules. Probably
if I forced loading those modules, it would work.
I guess I'll reconfigure and recompile with "y"
instead "m".


Umm, I have "ascii" here.

> I recommend compiling in drivers and only using kernel modules when you have to.

Right, makes sense for stuff like this. Then the driver is there
regardless of whether discovery found the need for it during boot.

> Plugging in a memory stick will be handled by udev.  The stick will show up as 
> /dev/uba (I think), but you will have to mount it manually:

I also have "CONFIG_USB_ANNOUNCE_NEW_DEVICES=y" but dmesg
didn't show anything when I plugged in the cable.

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