syntax of mkdir

John Shelton rick.shelton at
Sat Apr 18 20:50:31 PDT 2009

> mkdir -v ../binutils-build
> cd ../binutils-build
> from chapter 5.
> Isn't it the same thing as mkdir -v $LFS/tools/binutils-build ?
> As also which account should i be using , can I assume lfs?

yes, the dot-dot is short-hand for the current directory, less typing.
the current directory might be $LFS/tools or $LFS/sources, depending
on how you're doing things and how memory serves.
you'll still need to change directory...

lfs is a user equivalent of a temporary, working directory, or scratch
file. it's one way to separate what belongs to the new system, with
anything not belonging to lfs being part of the host system.

so it looks like you understand the file system hierarchy that's being
set up. you should be fine the rest of the way.


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