LFS Chapter 5.34 and Ubuntu

stencil etcs.ret at verizon.net
Thu Apr 16 12:19:56 PDT 2009

LFS Chapter 5.34 advises

## The commands in the remainder of this book 
##must be performed while logged in as user root 
## and no longer as user lfs. Also, double check 
## that $LFS is set in root's environment.

The orthodox Ubuntu way of acting as root is to prepend
'sudo' to each command.  It would seem to be more convenient
and practical to become root for a session,  by issuing
'sudo -s' or 'sudo -i.'    In the first instance the
environment is read from /home/lfs;  in the second the
environment is set from /root.  In that second instance, it
would seem, it will be necessary to perform the procedures
of LFS 4.4. Setting Up the Environment.   

Which is the better choice,  -i or -s?  And if it is to be
-i, is the LFS 4.4 procedure the best way of ensuring that
$LFS is set to /mnt/lfs, or should the $LFS specification be
the *only* change made to root's native environment?  

gds, stencil

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