Scripting some LFS steps?

DJ Lucas dj at
Tue Apr 14 20:15:10 PDT 2009

Justin Yaple wrote:

> I had to lookup what top posting was actually.  So I am I still doing
> this incorrectly sorry its still new to me.


> After the script fails I have been able to restore my enviroment to
> the point of the previous sucess, and complete this step manually.
> Here is a copy of the script I run for GCC Pass 2.  Its pretty much
> line by line from the 6.4 book.  Running these commands manually has
> worked so I find it odd that from a script they have been failing.

<snip partial script that looks like correct commands>

No shebang? No comments? How is this script executed?  One wrapper 
script around a bunch of mini scripts, or run manually?  Or are these 
commands part of one big script?  If so, break it apart.  Also, again, 
how is it logged? ` 2>&1 | tee -a compile.log` or something 

I honestly have no idea why it doesn't work correctly.  The commands 
appear to be correct.  I'm assuming that you've only shown the commands 
for brevity.  In the future, showing the full output of `cat` 
(or whatever name you've given the script) would be more desirable, as 
that would avoid any questions about completeness, and get the obvious 
questions out of the way.

[dj at name25 ~]# cat
# Begin ~/

echo "blah blah blah"

# End ~/
[dj at name25 ~]# ls -l
-rwxr-xr-x 1 dj dj 85 2009-04-14 22:09
[dj at name25 ~]#

Again, HTH.

-- DJ Lucas

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