Scripting some LFS steps?

DJ Lucas dj at
Mon Apr 13 20:24:44 PDT 2009

Justin Yaple wrote:

> I appologize if this should have been in lfs-support. 
> I thought here might be more appropriate as its about automating LFS.

Please do not top post, and do try to trim your responses to keep only 
the necessary part of the previous message.  This ensures that the 
conversation flows easily from message to message without having to read 
the entire thread.  There are 3 helpful links in the FAQ if this style 
of email communication is new to you.

Also, please send future responses to lfs-support at 
as previously requested.  This thread has been moved.  Yes, I just read 
the FAQ on this topic, it could use some rewording as it is not very 
clear, but the ALFS list is for ALFS development, not for support requests.

> I can manually 
> run the commands fine its just when I execute them from a sh script the 
> process fails with "Out of memory:".


> I have 1GB memory + 1GB swap space

This _should_ be plenty sufficient.

> and again manually running the 
> command works fine.

That doesn't _seem_ very likely, and still hasn't been qualified yet 
(see next para).  You also haven't provided all of the needed 
information.  What is the host environment?  What version of LFS are you 
building?  Are you running X?  Does it work correctly when run manually 
on the same PC?  Do you have sufficient disk space?  Etc.

Running the check target again simply picks up where it left off when it 
last failed.  Did you actually verify that a gcc build and test runs 
from start to finish by restarting the GCC build from clean source (ie: 
remove gcc-4.x.x and gcc-build directories) in a similar environment on 
the same PC?

The easiest way to troubleshoot this problem, is to run top from another 
term while running your script.  Unfortunately, you'll have to monitor 
it until the failure occurs.  Sort the list by memory used, and just 
before the error occurs, it should be readily apparent where the memory 
is being wasted.  Also, just another quick idea, it may prove useless, 
but how are you logging the output, is it from each individual script's 
output to a log file, or the whole ball of wax from the top level script?

Please let us know what you find. And if top doesn't pan out, or if you 
need further assistance, please continue in this thread, the list volume 
is minimal (or post via gmane if you do not wish to subscribe).


-- DJ Lucas

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