JHALFS: Permission Denied

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 9 03:42:31 PDT 2009

I"ve been using Linux for several years, and various other
*NIXes since about 1990 or so, working as a software engineer,
so I feel fairly comfortable with the build environment. I've
build LFS once before, and didn't want to go through it by hand
again, so I'm trying jhalfs on a "blank" system I built up
from pieces of this and that.

I'm using jhalfs-2.3.1 on the LiveCD 6.3 r2160, book version

I boot the LiveCD...

# mkdir /mnt/build_dir
# mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/build_dir
# chown jhalfs:jhalfs /mnt/build_dir
# swapon /dev/hda2
# su - jhalfs
$ startx

I want to use a few windows, mostly so I can read the book
while I do the build, and also read the jhalfs README
etc., and look at things side-by-side.

The windowing system starts up, and I create the following


and populate them. Next, I copy (so I have a persistent
version) /home/jhalfs/jhalfs-2.3.1

$ cp -a /home/jhalfs/jhalfs-2.3.1 /mnt/build_dir

I then unpacked the kernel sources into a temporary
area and ran the configurator, to create /mnt/build_dir/kernel-config

Next, I cd to /mnt/jhalfs-2.3.1 and "make". After I'm satisfied with
the configuration parameters, I save them, and then tell it to go.
It starts up, and verifies that it thinks it has a reasonable situation,
and then asks me if I'm satisfied. I am, so it starts to run...

Creating Makefile... START
LFS/master.sh:line 381:cd: /mnt/build_dir/jhalfs/lfs-commands: No such
file or directory


$ mkdir -pv /mnt/build_dir/jhalfs/lfs-commands

creates two directories, one under the other. Do another make, and
tell it to "go"

Now it stops

	No rule to make target makefile-functions

$ locate makefile-functions

finds one in /home/jhalfs/jhalfs-2.3.1/common, which I copy to

Do another make, and it stops again...

	Building target 020-creatingtoolsdir
	ln:creating symbolic link '/tools': Permission denied

I look at the sudoers file, and all looks ok. I have no problem
doing sudo from the command line. The user is in there as
no password required. Ok..

$ sudo chmod 775 /
$ sudo chown root:jhalfs /
$ make

This fails trying to create /mnt/build_dir/tools, which already exists.

$ rmdir ../tools
$ make

Now it fails with

	Building target 021-addinguser
	groupadd: unable to lock group file
	useradd: invalid numeric argument 'lfs'

So, it looks like jhalfs (user) either can't do sudo (but
he can, because I'm he, and I did a few) or the commands are
not wrapped in sudo. This could possibly be because of the
lack of a proper makefile-functions I guess, but I don't know.
The $ locate only turned up one version of that, though maybe
more exist:

$ sudo find / -name "makefile-functions"

I tried mkdiring a "common" directory in there, and mving
the makefile-functions into it, thinking maybe there was
a path problem, but that only made it complain it couldn't
find the makefile-functions file.

Ok, now what? I can't just go on babying it along. Obviously,
something about my setup was unanticipated by the tool, and
I confused it somehow. What have I done wrong?

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