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Sun Apr 5 09:25:06 PDT 2009

On Sunday 05 April 2009 12:02:21 Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> genericmaillists at gmail.com wrote:
> > You don't need to change the book number just make the changes
> > in the book. On the page where the people will download the
> > book just warn them to check there for the newest version. This
> > is what other major open source developers do. Why do you want
> > to make it complicated. You are not empressing any one by doing
> > it the old hard way.
> >
> > To deliberately limit yourself in that manner with a live
> > flowing electronic document is just foolish. Why limit your
> > flow of communication by following the traditions of an old
> > technology that does not have a better choice?
> This discussion really should be in -dev and not -support. 
> However, I'll answer it here.
> The idea of a 'stable' book is to provide, umm, stability.  We
> already tell you and other readers how to handle url problems. 
> If you want newer packages, use the -dev book.  In this way we
> give the best of both worlds -- a stable, tested environment and
> a cutting edge book with the latest packages.
>    -- Bruce

My initial response in this thread was to point out there are places 
in the book where it could have been written a lot clearer, such as 
the example that was used by the OP.

Instead of telling the reader to look in vii. Errata just make the 
changes in the document.

I wasn't talking about newer versions of software or altered 
versions of steps or processes.

Why do so many computer geeks want to make things complicated?


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