binutils pass 1, CC="gcc -B/usr/bin/"

Jack Stone jwjstone at
Fri Apr 3 11:51:43 PDT 2009

Tomas Klacko wrote:
>> You need to compile everything with
>> lib-path as /usr/lib etc so that we can compile gcc-pass1
>> against these binutils, (if I understand correctly this part
>> does not need -B).
> Do you have any pointers on where to find out more about the lib-path?
> My current knowledge is that it only sets up the linker (ld) search path.
Thats my understanding as well. My only guess would be binutils/gcc docs.

> The gcc pass 1 is also configured with CC="gcc -B/usr/bin/",
> and this gave me the impression that the gcc pass 1 was
> actually not being built againts the binutils pass 1.
> Does this have to do something with the fact that
> the gcc is compiled (according to the LFS book) three-times?
The -B /usr/bin tells the HOST compiler to use the HOST binutils.
I think the --prefix and --with-local-prefix tell the compiler where to
find binutils as well as where to install but I'd need to check the gcc
>> We then recompile just ld with lib-path as
>> /tools/lib and install this as ld-new. This does need -B so that
>> the hosts gcc uses the correct set of binutils.
> (Curious) can this be postponed until the adjusting phase?
> (
I guess so but you would need to configure, make and make install / copy
the file.
I don't know whether make install would work as binutils consists of
more than
just ld.



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