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Fri Apr 3 10:59:53 PDT 2009

Mike McCarty wrote:
> That's what I mentioned in the first message, which I didn't make
> clear, I guess. In between Chapters 5 and 6, one would
> build & install in /tools a temporary copy of the manager. Then, after
> the initial setup in Chapter 6, the first package built & intalled
> would be the package manager itself, using the temporary copy in
> /tools to install the permanent version into the chroot environment,
> that is, into what will eventually be the permanent system.
> Mike

I see your thinking, but in theory (following the dependency tracking 
malarky) you can't install the package manager first in chapter 6, 
because the package manager would have dependencies of its own which 
must be satisfied in order to install the package manager (yep, its a 
headache).  So:

Chapter 5, build entire toolchain
End of chapter 5, build deps for package manager and then the package 
manager itself
Chapter 6, build packages of each section, in the order they appear in 
the book, then install each package after you've built it

As for when you build the package manager for the final system, you 
could do this at any point in chapter 6 where the deps of the package 
manager have been satisfied, however, as you still have access to the 
one in the toolchain, I'd see no advantage of working out when its best 
to do this, I'd just finished chapter 6 and then build my package manager.

Hope thats clearer, I was a tad sleepy when writing my previous 
messages, so apologies for that.


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