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Fri Apr 3 10:43:31 PDT 2009

Support wrote:
> Mike McCarty wrote:
>> That's what I'm asking about. I guess I wasn't clear. I don't understand
>> why the first package installed in Chapter 6, per the Hint, is
>> libc-headers instead of the package manager. ISTM that the first
>> package installed in the "real" system, that is the chroot environment,
>> should be whatever package manager is being used, and it should be
>> installed using itself.
> Almost, you need to install your package manager at the end of chapter 5 
> rather than start of 6, because then you have the package manager built 
> as part of the toolchain, ready for use in the final system construction.

That's what I mentioned in the first message, which I didn't make
clear, I guess. In between Chapters 5 and 6, one would
build & install in /tools a temporary copy of the manager. Then, after
the initial setup in Chapter 6, the first package built & intalled
would be the package manager itself, using the temporary copy in
/tools to install the permanent version into the chroot environment,
that is, into what will eventually be the permanent system.

The Hint for Package Users doesn't follow this, but leaves the
package manager outside the control of any package management.
This seems a little inconsistent, so I was wondering whether
there was something I had not understood.

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