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Thu Apr 2 13:10:22 PDT 2009

Mike McCarty wrote:
> I've been at the end of Chapter 5 pondering package management,
> and have finally decided to give the package user method a try.
> I don't like overburdening /etc/passwd with a lot of junk entries,
> but then the benefits look pretty good. In fact, it looks like
> a good idea even if another package manager is used to manage
> the installs and database entry.
> One slightly confusing point, though, is why the package management
> tools don't get installed using the package user philosophy. Why
> aren't the tools themselves installed into the chroot environment
> using the temporary tools in /tools? ISTM that the first package
> to get installed should be package-user, not linux-libc-headers.
> Is there some reason that isn't done, that I've overlooked?
> Mike
Chapter was just the temporary system, you begin packaging everything in 
chapter 6 if you want package management.  Only thing I don't like about 
the create user accounts method is exactly what you state, if 
/etc/passwd gets too full, running your eye over it to ensure nothing 
new and suspicious has cropped up becomes much harder.  Just my 2 cents :)


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