LFS-6.3 Chapter6.49-Psmisc

Satish Patel satish at linuxbug.org
Thu Sep 25 11:28:51 PDT 2008


Satish Patel

Quoting Scott Castaline <hscast at charter.net>:

> When I do ./configure --prefix=/usr --exec-prefix="", it'll terminate
> with the error;
> configure: error: Cannot find tinfo, ncurses or termcap libraries
> I am sure that I installed ncurses as all of the libncurses* files exist
> in /usr/lib/. I'm not sure about termcap or tinfo as I haven't been able
> to find where they get installed yet. Did I miss something along the
> way? If I did miss something, can I fix it at this point?
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might be ncurses not installed properly so kindly install it again and  
termcap is part of ncurses package. you can fix it

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