Booting lfs from within vmware?

dave dave.mehler at
Sat Sep 20 11:29:28 PDT 2008

Does anyone have lfs booting from within vmware? I've made an lfs system
from a ubuntu 8.04 box and am now trying to boot it. It gets to loading the
kernel then stops with no messages. I'm doing this from within vmware, using
server v1.07. I've got scsi support compiled in to the kernel. I'm assuming
I have an option either missing or conflicting. I'm using the LSI scsi
controller. I'm wondering if I can copy the kernel from the livecd to the
hd, and make an entry for that in grub so that I can boot that to
troubleshoot this issue? Or, if anyone has a working kernel config I'd like
to get a look at it and compare with what I have.

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