6.53.1. Installation of Texinfo

Philippe Delavalade philippe.delavalade at club-internet.fr
Tue Sep 16 02:35:07 PDT 2008


I'm surprised to see that tests on texinfo failed ; every thing was nice
before :-)

here is a part of the output of the command "make -k check" :

make[2]: Entering directory `/sources/texinfo-4.11/util'
SKIP: bibtex.test
FAIL: dvipdf.test
SKIP: latex2html.test
FAIL: texi2dvi.test
2 of 2 tests failed
(2 tests were not run)
Please report to bug-texinfo at gnu.org
make[2]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 1
make: Target `check' not remade because of errors.

What shall I do ? Can I install the package anyway ? What can be wrong ?

Thanks for help

Ph. Delavalade

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