kernel configuration and installation

Richard Melville richard.melville at
Fri Oct 31 11:10:50 PDT 2008

>  I've never looked at VLC.  Looking at /usr/include/linux seems
> a reasonable thing for a configure script to be doing.  Which kernel
> headers did you use when building glibc, and what is now reported to
> be missing-and-required ?

I believe that my original kernel headers were 2.6.12.  The headers that
VLC was looking for were the DCCP related ones ones that are available
with the kernel that I had just installed.

> According to the kernel devs, or at least last time I _heard_ (hearsay)
> anything about the subject, the answer was that the VLC maintainers
> failed to include the necessary kernel headers in the distribution
> tarball and provide a runtime check of the kernel for the necessary
> feature(s).  I'm not certain if this is still current practice, and
> would appreciate a confirmation on that.

I'm not sure if it is still current practice but it appears to be -- I
was building the very latest version.

Thanks to both of you for the help, but I'm still unclear as to whether
there is a workaround when the necessary headers aren't included with
the package.



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