gcc failure

Randy McMurchy lfs.user at mcmurchy.com
Thu Oct 30 09:47:53 PDT 2008

Rob Thornton wrote:
 > There is a bug in GCC 4.3.2 which will cause tests to fail if the system
 > has a stack size of 8MB or less in limits-structnest.c
 > (gcc.c-torture/compile/compile.exp for example). The devs are aware of
 > the problem and are working on a fix but may be worth mentioning in the
 > book (svn).
 > I know I had this issue. I wasn't sure if I should make a ticket for it
 > or not.

Well, the book suggests *not* to run the tests in Chapter 5.
Then, in Chapter 6, the limits-structnest.c file should be
predictable in that we created it during Chapter 5. How could
your limits-structnest.c file be different than what everyone
else has?

I'm not doubting you ran into a known bug, but how? Were you
running the tests in Chapter 5?


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