kernel configuration and installation

Rob Thornton rob_t at
Tue Oct 28 22:13:01 PDT 2008

This is my second time through LFS. The first with LFS 6.3 and now 
through LFS SVN. I have a couple questions on installing and configuring 
the Linux kernel...

1) When enabling ALSA support, should the LFS book not recommend that 
the card drivers be loaded as modules so when updated versions of the 
ALSA source are installed the kernel can load them rather than remaking 
a new kernel?

2) If, for example, the existing kernel only supports ALSA 1.0.13 (for 
kernel in LFS6.3), but the current ALSA source version is 
1.0.17...Will the current kernel support modules for the latest ALSA 
version or, does that leave me with upgrading the kernel? If so, why 
even bother making these drivers modular with separate source? For minor 
revisions only?

3a) If a new kernel should not be installed with previous version 
headers (an upgrade from to or 2.6.26.x to 2.6.27.x, 
for example), and the installed kernel headers should be the ones that 
gcc and binutils were compiled I need to reinstall the 
kernel and toolchain from scratch or the entire system a la LFS?

3b) To upgrade the it as simple as installing new kernel 
headers, recompiling the toolchain against the new headers, then 
installing a new kernel?

3c) How do other distributions get around this? Like Debian or Ubuntu, 
which install new kernel images without updating the toolchain? Are they 
just foolish or have I missed something completely?

Rob Thornton

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