lfs 6.3-Problem installing Ncurses-5.6

giuseppe marchi joshua777 at live.it
Tue Oct 28 14:04:32 PDT 2008

i'm following lfs-book 6.3. I'm blocked on chapter 6 at paragraph 6.20 on installing Ncurses-5.6.
I'm not able to install after compilation. The host pc is running with fedora 9.
This is the log that see when type make install:

prefix=/usr \
exec_prefix=/usr \
bindir=/usr/bin \
top_srcdir=.. \
srcdir=. \
datadir=/usr/share \
ticdir=/usr/share/terminfo \
source=terminfo.tmp \
THIS_CC="gcc" \
THAT_CC="gcc" \
/bin/sh ./run_tic.sh
** Building terminfo database, please wait...
Running tic to install /usr/share/terminfo ...

You may see messages regarding extended capabilities, e.g., AX.
These are extended terminal capabilities which are compiled
tic -x
If you have ncurses 4.2 applications, you should read the INSTALL
document, and install the terminfo without the -x option.

tic: symbol lookup error: tic: undefined symbol: _nc_check_termtype2
? tic could not build /usr/share/terminfo
make[1]: *** [install.data] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/xxx/xxx/ncurses-5.6/misc'
make: *** [install] Error 2

Any suggestions?

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