Cannot boot into LFS, No NFS server available.

Satish Patel satish at
Thu Oct 16 11:18:05 PDT 2008


Satish Patel

Quoting Brittany Dunlap <xdunlapx at>:

> On Thu, 16 Oct 2008 20:15:29 +0200
> Michael Brandstetter <listen at> wrote:
>> Which partition did you use during the build when you
>> mounted /mnt/lfs. That should be the one that go into menu.lst.
>> regards Michael
> I found out that I had never properly configured the kernel... That's
> why it wasn't booting. The kernel is compiling as I speak.
> We'll see if that fixes it. It should.
> Thanks!
> Brittany
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One more option is there to test your kernel whether it working or not  
to boot your host System with LFS compiled kernel

put your LFS kernel in /boot directory of HOST system where you  
compiling LFS and change grub.conf to point LFS kernel and reboot the  
system as well as put initrd image if kernel is moduler try this might  
be this trick work..

Best of luck..

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