glibc install problem

Chris Staub chris at
Sun Oct 12 22:04:54 PDT 2008

Chris Staub wrote:
> Amitav Mohanty wrote:
>> Hello
>> I am trying to install LFS 6.2 on a core 2 duo 2 gigahertz system with a
>> pata hard disk. In chapter 6 after installing the linux libc headers and
>> man pages when I try to install glibc I got this error saying "cannot
>> compute sizeof long double" when I run the configure script. I checked
>> the archives for support. I saw someone pointing out about the toolchain
>> having static links to the host system. However, before chrooting I had
>> checked that the tools were based on the packages installed in the new
>> filesystem.
>> Thank you.
> Would you happen to be using stuff in /tools that was previously used to 
> build an LFS system?

Either that, or reusing the glibc source and/or build dirs from earlier? 
If so, you'll need to rm both and try again.

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