Build RPM from LFS

Mike McCarty Mike.McCarty at
Sun Oct 5 23:02:11 PDT 2008

satish patel wrote:
> Hi
>       I want to make my own installed like other distor but I want to do
> this with RPMS so how to build RPM from install LFS system ?? Is there any
> document on LFS which help to build RPMS from LFS source

The way to build RPMs does not depend on what the source is.
The RPM is independent of what it is building. You make a
spec file which describes the build, and let RPM do the build
for you. The output is two RPMs, one for source, one for
built object.

You need to study RPM and understand what it does. It simply
executes the commands you would in order to do the build,
but under automatic control, as contained in the spec file.

Your question is really about RPM, and unrelated to LFS.

I am no RPM expert, though I have built some RPMs from scratch.
Perhaps I can give you some help in private e-mail. Or, perhaps
there is an RPM expert here who would be better and willing to
give you some help.

Making a collection of RPMs with a proper set of dependency
checks in them is not a simple task. I suggest you also study
yum or some other install manager, like perhaps apt.

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