LFS 6.3 ch 5.2 questions

Trent Shea trent.shea at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 23:40:08 PST 2008

On November 30, 2008 10:29:25 pm Stealth wrote:
> Is there anything on this page (book 6.3 ch 5.2) that needs to be
> done before going to 5.3 to follow the binutils build instructions?

Everyone has been amazingly patient with your criticism of the book.

Please take the time to re-read the following sections:

And please understand there is a certain amount of 'homework' that 
you're going to be expected to do on your own; this may even include 
getting a feeling for the book's layout, which I feel is quite clear - 
just execute the stuff in the blue boxes ;).


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