book 6.3 ch 5.3.1 questions

Stealth genericmaillists at
Sun Nov 30 23:35:53 PST 2008

On a previous page (book 6.3 ch 5.1) This was mentioned:


Before issuing the build instructions for a package, the package 
should be unpacked as user lfs, and a cd into the created directory 
should be performed. The build instructions assume that the bash 
shell is in use.

This is found on page 5.3.1 in book 6.3

The Binutils documentation recommends building Binutils outside of 
the source directory in a dedicated build directory:

mkdir -v ../binutils-build
cd ../binutils-build

This is leading up to my question.

The source directory mentioned above I assume is the binutils-2.17 
(which was created when I ran tar -xf on the bin*.bz2 file) and the 
path is $LFS/sources/binutils-2.17 (this sources directory was 
created back in ch 3). If I follow the 1st cmd listed above that 
would put the binutils-build directory in this path 
$LFS/sources/binutils-build along side the 
$LFS/sources/binutils-2.17. The 2nd cmd would put me in the 
binutils-build directory. I assume this is where I am supposed to 
be to do the build for binutils?

Also is there anything during the build process for binutils that is 
not mentioned in the book that I am supposed already know about and 


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