LFS 6.3 ch 5.2 questions

Stealth genericmaillists at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 23:09:03 PST 2008

On Monday 01 December 2008 01:40:22 am Chris Staub wrote:
> Stealth wrote:
> > Is there anything on this page (book 6.3 ch 5.2) that needs to
> > be done before going to 5.3 to follow the binutils build
> > instructions?
> As it says at the beginning of that page, it's just a summary of
> how everything in the rest of the book will be done, and
> something that you're just meant to read. I believe it is already
> pretty clear about the fact that it is just general info,
> explaining the details about how the book works...

Thank you. I saw that the first time and this time. There was 
something on another page or two that seemed to be the same way but 
it turned out actually to be something that needed to be done. 
After I had followed the book exactly with the exception of the 
kernel as stated before and I had that disaterous mistake, I 
decided I better start asking questions when I can't find the 
answer and I can't confidently besure I can safely ignore something 
for the present time.
> "It is not essential to immediately understand everything in this
> section. Most of this information will be clearer after
> performing an actual build. This section can be referred back to
> at any time during the process."
> Any suggestions for improvement on this text?

Not specifically on the above text, once I am sucessful in 
completing a working build, I will put my notes together and edit 
my copy of the book and then e-mail it to those that write the book 
and let them see my suggestions. As I stated before, I used to 
write my own lessons (instructions, explanations and exercises) for 
a 3D CAD software class I taught to professional machine designers 
and engineers. I learned to take what I learned from the students 
in one class and adjust my lessons so the students in the next 
class did not have the same problems or ask the same questions 
because my material addressed it. Eventually my students did not 
have to ask very many questions. I told them what they needed to 
know to do the exercise and then I let work. After spending 40 
hours (in 5 days) in my class they went back to work and most of 
them never had another question. Some of them did.

> > This goes back to the confusion I have talked about before in
> > other posts to this list. I cannot tell if I am actually
> > supposed to do anything with any of this information before I
> > go to 5.3.
> >
> > If this is just information and there are no instructions that
> > need to be done before going to the next pages, then this
> > information should be moved so that the appropriate sections
> > are found with the build process they are talking about. It
> > would be a lot less confusing.
> The build process discussed on that page is the general build
> process for the entire book, so right before the actual build
> starts is about the best place for it to go.

The build process could be less detailed there and the more specific 
details could be moved to the locations where the actual build 
instructions are located.


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